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PHP Tutorials

Introduction to PHP
Learn what PHP is and what and where to download (if you choose to download anything) what you need to work with PHP, how PHP works, the basic syntax of PHP and how to insert comment into your PHP scripts.

PHP Variables Tutorial
Learn what variables in PHP are, how to declare variables in PHP, PHP variable naming conventions and rules, how to create numeric and string values, PHP variable types, PHP variable scopes and what PHP constants are and how to create constants.

PHP Functions Tutorial
Learn what functions are, how to create your own functions, about functions that already built-in to the PHP interpretor, passing parameters to functions, setting default parameters in function and passing parameters by reference.

PHP Operators Tutorials
Learn how to use PHP operators to manipulate or perform operations on values and expressions.

PHP Conditional Statements Tutorial
PHP if, else and else if conditional statements are used to perform different actions if certain conditions are met.

PHP Switch Statements Tutorial
The switch statement tests the value of one variable and executes the block of statements for the matching variable, or cases.

PHP Arrays Tutorials
A PHP arrays can be thought of as a list. An array allows you to refer to a list of values with a single variable.

PHP Loops Tutorials
PHP loop allow you to perform a repitive task until a given condition is met.

PHP Forms Tutorial
PHP can be used to access data that is submitted by an (X)HTML form to a script on your web server.

PHP Server Side Includes Tutorial
PHP allows you to use server side includes (SSI) to include a file as part of your document(s) while the included file(s) are stored on the server. One common use of SSI is store the data such as header or footer information which is repeated many times on the website.

PHP Date and Time Tutorial
Learn how to use the date() function to format a time and/or date.

PHP Cookies Tutorial
PHP allows the webmaster to store information about a website's users and their visits on the user's own computer.

PHP File Handling Tutorial
PHP allows you to create and open files in your web server using the fopen() function.

PHP Sessions Tutorial
A session in PHP is a way to store and transfer user information such as a username, shopping cart items, etc., across multiple web pages on the web server.