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HTML and XHTML Tutorials

Introduction to HTML
Learn what HTML is and how it is used to create web pages also what XHTML, XML and CSS are.

HTML/XHTML Link Tutorials
Learn what hyperlinks are and how to create text and image hyperlinks, how to have the links open in a new window and how to link to different parts within the same web page.

HTML/XHTML Image Tutorials
Learn how to display images in HTML documents, how to make images hyperlinks, how to adjust the height and width of images and how to display alternate text.

HTML/XHTML List Tutorials
Learn what lists are and how to create un-ordered and ordered lists.

HTML/XHTML Form Tutorials
Learn what HTML forms are and how to create HTML forms, how to add text-fields, password-fields, submit buttons, text-areas, check-boxes and drop-down boxes and more.

HTML/XHTML Table Tutorials
Learn how to create tables, how to add a border to tables and individual table cells and how to create table headings.